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Commercial Gate

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Commercial Gate

Commercial Gate Services | Gate Repair Santa Monica, CA

The gate for your business is essential for keeping track of who is able to come in and out to ensure security, but if it’s been struggling to work properly it’s more of a burden than anything! Our team would be happy to help, and will have it in working order again swiftly and easily. That way there are no more issues able to cause trouble!

Reliable Opener Repair

Openers are incredibly helpful to keeping things moving by ensuring that you don’t need someone available to manually open the gate, but if it’s no longer working properly it’s not doing anyone any good! If your gate seems to struggle to open, gets stuck while trying to do so, or makes a lot of noise while in motion, it’s time to get the opener looked at. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect the opener to determine the source of the problem and take care of repairing or replacing any necessary parts to get things working like new again.

Fast Hinge Welding Repair

Over the years it’s not surprising to find that the hinges of your company’s gate are beginning to struggle, be it from rusting, wear, or even damage from an accidental car bump. Whatever the cause, if the hinges appear to be sagging or becoming disconnected from the gate, give us a call! Our team will come out with our high-quality equipment to repair the damage to the hinges and weld them securely into place again so you can count on them to function smoothly.

Gate Alignment Services

Sometimes the issue may simply be that your gate is no longer matching up correctly to close properly, but we can help with that as well! Our team will get your gate realigned back into place carefully so you won’t have to worry about it not closing securely any longer.

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