Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

At Gate Repair Santa Monica we offer the best gate repair service in the community. We have won the respect and admiration of our community by always doing what we say we are going to do. Honesty and dependability are vital keys to success for a driveway gate service.

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Gate Installation

Gate Installation

Installing a security gate in your Santa Monica home will keep unwanted visitors away as well as making your property look sharp. Your Santa Monica property requires the best in landscaping and décor. A gate in your driveway is the upscale way to provide both security and high class looks

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Gates Service

Gates Service

The automatic gate at the entrance to your driveway is handy in many ways. It provides your first line defense as far as security is concerned. That is a major concern in your Santa Monica area. You want to protect your beautiful home in this upscale coast city.

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24/7 availability of emergency services for gate adjustment needs.

If you are looking for useful information about gate repairs, expert advices are available on this page.

  • How do I decide if a defective part needs a repair or a replacement?

    A gate is made of multiple, moving mechanical parts. Therefore, it is natural that wear and tear will occur in the long run. So, the best and easiest way to decide whether a faulty part should be repaired or replaced is to calculate its operational years. When was it last replaced? Has it been many years? These are the questions that you need to answer to reach a conclusion. However, there are many other factors such as cause of defect, feasibility of repair, etc. on which the decision can be based.

  • How often should gate hinges be lubricated?

    Based on the experience of our gate experts in Santa Monica, lubrication is to be done at least twice per year or when it becomes necessary. The need for gate hinge repair or replacement is inevitable but lubrication keeps it from happening too soon. If you hear unusual noises from your gate, inspect the hinges and lubricate them if necessary.

  • My motor makes a humming sound and the gate won't move. Why?

    Our experts recommend checking the gate opener’s motor for overheating. If that is the case, it can cause a lot of damage internally. A humming noise and no gate motion can also indicate that the opener motor needs to be replaced.

  • How do I avoid rusting on my gate?

    Aside from applying antirust on the gate, it also helps to keep its paintjob intact by applying a protective layer over the paint. If the paint chips, rusting can begin on that area as the metal has direct contact with the environment. This is more applicable for steel gates.

  • Swing or slide gate - which is better?

    It all depends on the space, the terrain and the aesthetic appeal of the gate. Our technicians say that a swinging gate is ideal if the space is limited but a slide gate is less prone to accidents as it does not open towards a vehicle or person and considerably safe.

  • Why is my electric gate not closing and opening properly?

    If an electric gate fails to open and close properly the problem could be that the gate transmitter is not sending a radio signal or the problem could be in the electrical wirings that keep the current from passing through the circuit. If there are no problems with both the well-trained staff of Gate Repair Santa Monica say that the problem could possibly be with the motor.

  • What should I do with our wobbly swing gate posts?

    If your posts are wobbly yet still solid you can easily solve your problem by packing crushed stones around the base of the posts with a sledgehammer. If however the posts are starting to rot or completely rotten experts from Gate Repair Santa Monica recommend that posts be replaced if they are rotten or swing gate post repair be performed if the posts are still repairable.

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